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Opportunities to Serve

We serve others because Christ has served us. When we serve others, we experience God’s joy. We have a place for you to make a difference! Join one of our volunteer teams.

Immediate needs sign-up

Children & Nursery

Children’s for summer nursery volunteers! If you can help out for one Sunday or multiple Sundays it would be greatly appreciated! We are looking to fill positions for each service every Sunday in June, July, and August. Volunteers should be 18+, under 18 can definitely help out but they would need an over 18 volunteer to sign up with. Contact Katie Campbell if interested.

Greeters and usher team

Join our team of Greeters & Ushers Sundays at 8:30 (9am Service) or 10:30 (11am Service) Fill out this form and someone will get back to you.

What tasks are the volunteer responsible for performing?

Greeting requires those be at the church 30 mins prior to the service time to greet and welcome everyone coming to church. It may also include setting up the communion baskets on designated Sundays. It is also making sure that the first impressions of a person walking up to the church and into the narthex is a good one. It might mean sweeping, organizing tables or picking up any trash to make sure the church looks clean and in order.

Where does the job get performed? Greeters can position themselves either outside of the main doorway or in the narthex. Ushers can stand near the entrance to the sanctuary and help people find seating for themselves or family.

When is the shift the volunteer will be working?

Volunteers are asked to sign up for available Sundays on Breeze or contact Bruce Eaton either by phone or email. Greeting takes place 30mins prior to the

How does the volunteer perform job responsibilities?

Expressing a genuine joy as you greet and welcome everyone who comes to the worship service is the main responsibility. The attitude “ we are glad you are here “ is so important for everyone to hear and understand. Friendliness and approachability should be the over arching goal. Helping those with questions and directing people to nursery or to bathrooms is important for all to feel at ease.

To sign-up go to Volunteer for Greeter and Ushers Form

Ministry Leader Contact – Bruce Eaton


Join our team of hospitality volunteers where we serve the local church and our community through meals, care and more.

Fill out this form and someone will get back to you shortly – Go to Volunteer for Hospitality Form

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