John Hall - November 13, 2022

Hard Truths for Hard Hearts

This sermon is from Luke 16:14-31 and is entitled "Hard Truths for Hard Hearts." This passage of scripture is one of the most sobering, alarming, and graphic in all the Bible. There are only two reasons someone would speak such blunt, clear words of warning. The first is because they want to prove people wrong and show themselves to be a know-it-all. The second reason is a deep and profound love for those who are in danger. Jesus is looking at the Pharisees and going right to the heart of their sin and then warning them of the danger to come. He does this because he is holding out hope for all of us and urgently telling us to flee to Him before it's too late. These are hard truths to look at. But they are so good for us to embrace. Pray that Jesus would begin, even now, to prepare us to worship Him as a church family together on Sunday as we sing, pray, and listen to His word.

Scripture References: Luke 16:14-31

From Series: "Glorious Disruption: A Study in the Gospel of Luke"

Hard Truths for Hard Hearts

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